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Drain snaking is the process of driving a flexible drain pipe auger into a pipe line to remove any debris or blockages. These flexible drain pipe augers can reach deep into the pipe line to make sure that every clog is completely removed. The tool used for drain snaking goes by several names such as the toilet jack or the electric eel. For stopped sinks that don’t respond to natural drain cleaner consider using electric eel plumbing.

Electric eel plumbing is great for clearing stopped sinks. Often you may find that your stopped sink is the result of soap or grease buildup, but clogs caused by hair or other foreign objects are also very common. If your bathroom sink is clogged you may find that the cause of this stopped sink is a small colony of hair. Hair often mixes with soap and other cleaning items and forms a formidable block in a stopped sink. Electric eel plumbing reaches in and removes the hair block.

Electric eel plumbing can remove a hair block in two ways. The drain pipe auger used in electric eel plumbing can either be moved in a way as to bust the hair block apart or can be equipped with a grappling device on the end. The grappling device on the end of a drain pipe auger can be used to pull out the hair block. If your pipes are sturdy and strong the drain pipe auger can be trusted to move about in a manner that would destroy the blockage, but if your pipes aren’t in the best condition the drain pipe auger would be better suited to grappling with the block and pulling it out.

In as much as the drain pipe auger is used to clear pipes, the toilet jack is meant for cleaning toilets. However, the toilet jack is just another name for a drain snake used in electric eel plumbing. The difference is the auger that is used to clear the pipe. A drain pipe auger could be used for all manner of pipes, while a toilet jack may be specialized for toilet and sewage pipes. The types of blockages found in different pipes call for different augers, so while a drain pipe auger might be great for clearing soap build up, it isn’t suited to clear the kinds of clogs a toilet jack is fitted for.

Electric eel plumbing isn’t limited to the domestic, however. While chemical and biological drain cleaners are excellent for unstopping sinks blocked with minor buildup they are not well suited to clear more serious blockages that are inherent at the industrial level. For any business or industry that encounters frequent pipe blockages and needs to clear the sewer line, electric eel plumbing should be one of the first recourses.

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